Anitya is a complete theme, very modern and adapting gracefully to all screens

It has been designed and coded with great care for all and especially for details. Each element of this theme has been created with love and attention.

Its ease of use thanks, among other things, its super optimized color management, you will create your site quickly and especially with great pleasure.

His numerous presets allow you to have a base of departure and elegant for your business or your client.

Great care was also given to the many visual features that make navigation fun and happy.

Smart strucure of pages allow you to create an infinite number of layout with ease thanks to its exhaustive documentation.

Anitya is the result of know-how experienced a designer present in Concrete5 since the beginning.


Anitya is the easier theme from MyconcreteLab to work with, thanks to all new features in concrete5.7 that take care of tons of design management. In this case tons of answers can be found in the official documentation from

In this section i explain things that is specific to Anitya, his structure, classes, attributes,.. but nothing about installation, customization, .. where are deeply, substantially, more effective than me.

In any way, I'm listening to all your questions, problems or bugs you encounter when using this theme. To do this, simply create a support ticket via the theme page on concrete5.

Thank you.